Do you have a book buried inside longing to be born?


Do you aspire to pass on the wisdom you’ve accrued through your journey and package it together to leave a lasting legacy? Are you looking to build your business, increase speaking opportunities or spread your message through a book?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you must check out BRANDING YOUR BOOK AND BRILLIANCE PROGRAM with Gagan Sarkaria.

Branding Your Book and Brilliance Program — From conceptualization to publication in 2 quarters is a program from Unfold Your Success, LLC, a publishing company that will do the whole nine yards to help you birth your book, publish it, build a business beyond your talents and achieve remarkable results!

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High Achievement Business and Book Coach Gagan Sarkaria has helped many C-Suite Executives, Coaches, and Consultants birth their books and achieve bestseller status so they can mesmerize, magnetize and monetize their talents.


Due to Gagan’s results-oriented execution, clients commonly report what they achieve with Gagan in 9 months, they have not accomplished anything similar in the past 9 years of their life.

Gagan Sarkaria, M.F.A., M.B.A.


  • Write and publish their book(s). Achieve Amazon best-seller status.
  • Build a business out of their book, enhance their personal or business brand through their book.
  • Use public speaking as a platform to spread their message.
  • Build a six-figure business model and foundation for their message.

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If 2019 is your year to birth your book and achieve bestseller status, Gagan is the “The Expert Midwife to Birth Your Book & Brilliance.”

Inside this program you will receive:

  • One fully designed paperback, a hard-bound, and a Kindle eBook.
  • Beautifully designed and formatted manuscript.
  • Two stunning book covers designed.
  • Sales copy crafted via the Science of Buying Behaviors techniques.
  • Author Brand discovered, designed and crafted via the Science of Fascination.
  • All three book formats published on Amazon for sales and marketing.
  • Amazon Best Selling book status after the book is launched.
  • All marketing materials designed to match the book’s brand.
  • Key marketing materials designed for the Author/Speaker promotion.
  • Stunning social media slides designed for the book launch.
  • A social media campaign for the book launch.
  • Six-month coaching program to birth your book, remove your money blocks and achieve remarkable success.
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